10 Benefits of Deadlifting

10 Benefits of Deadlifting

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10 Benefits of Deadlifting: If you wish to begin a fitness routine, your personal trainer will most likely recommend deadlifting as part of the routine. The deadlifts, in this case, are regarded as compound exercises since they engage different muscle groups.

Ideally, they are some of the essential exercises you can expect your personal trainer to recommend if you’re looking to improve your lean muscle mass, power, and strength. This quick guide explores the ten benefits you probably didn’t know you could get from deadlifting.

10 Benefits of Deadlifting

What is Deadlifting Good For?

There are several reasons why your personal trainer or physiotherapist may recommend deadlifting. If you are considering deadlifts for any reason, it is prudent that you work with a qualified personal trainer to avoid risks like deadlift fatigue and burn out.


If you prefer working out in the gym, be sure to tour the facility and only get into the membership agreement when you’re certain that that’s the perfect gym for you. Ideally, you may need to ensure that the benefits you get in that membership plan outweigh the benefits you can get when jogging in the park or working out at home.


You will also need to ensure that the gym has varied training options and is convenient. Here are the ten benefits you can get from deadlifting.

10 Benefits of Deadlifting

1. Improved Posture

Improving your posture may be a priority if you continually engage in activities that require you to have stronger core strength for example sports. Deadlifts are great for your core strength. They boost your core stability and strength by targeting the muscles that help you maintain posture and keep the back straight when performing routine activities.

2. Deadlifting Improves how your Body Burns Fats

Studies show that deadlifting can help you burn more fat than other fitness enthusiasts who are also looking to reduce weight but are on diet-only plans or diet with aerobics programs. Ideally, combining it with resistance training can help you burn more fats than you’d achieve if you just stick to a diet or combine a diet with cardio exercises.

3. It can Boost your Grip Strength

Deadlifts require a firm grip, which best explains why those who continually perform deadlifts have better grips. Therefore, if you are looking for a better grip, deadlifting is one of the primary exercises you may want to consider.

4. Reduced Injury Risks

Performing the deadlifts correctly can help you manage muscular imbalances and, most importantly, strengthen your back. It can also help protect your spine, help you build stronger muscles, and make your tendons tougher enough to reduce the risks of injuries.

5. Stronger Hamstrings

The hamstrings play a powerful role in the stabilization of your knees. They help bend your knees and extend the hips and pull your tibia backward to protect your Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).


You also need stronger hamstrings if your daily activities require more jumping, walking, or running, as is the case with athletes. Since deadlifts also engage your leg muscles, they can help you make the hamstrings even stronger.

6. Stronger and More Prominent Muscles

If you have been struggling to get more prominent muscles with no success, then the deadlift is one of the exercises you should consider adding to your fitness routine. Since it engages several muscle groups in your body, this exercise also triggers the release of important hormones like growth hormones which play a pivotal role in muscle development.

7. Time Efficient

Most people also prefer deadlifts because once you begin the exercises; it won’t take too long before noticing the results. Again this ties to the benefit of triggering the production of hormones like growth hormones and testosterone hormones.


Testosterone plays a pivotal role in increasing your muscle repair and growth rate. The growth hormone produced by the pituitary glands helps with muscle growth, tissue healing, fat loss, and bone strength.


Do note that to enjoy this benefit; you will typically need to be consistent in your exercise routines. You can begin by performing 3 to 5 sets of 3 to 5 reps. After that, you can spend around 12 to 30 minutes engaging the large muscle groups to improve your strength.

8. Deadlifts are Safe if done Correctly

Deadlifting is highly regarded as one of the safest exercises when it comes to weightlifting, IF done correctly. So learning the movement is critical to ensuring you are getting the most from it and also being safe- and injury-free from it.

9. It's Low Cost and Easier to Adopt

Most exercises require that you use several different pieces of workout equipment. When it comes to deadlifts, though, you will not need any special shoes or training gear.

10. Better Sculpting

If you’re considering an exercise regime for sculpting your butt, then deadlifting is one of the exercises that shouldn’t miss out on your list. Now, your glutes is made up of three muscle groups; the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius.


The gluteus maximus plays the most pivotal role in shaping your butt. Ideally, it is responsible for the shape of your butt and is activated every time you rotate your leg or thrust the hips forward.


Deadlifting pretty much activates your glutes because of the moves that are involved in it. Therefore if you fancy strengthening the glutes, the deadlifts are something you should consider.

What Happens when you do Deadlifts every day?

Now, if you are contemplating deadlifts for more prominent muscles or better sculpting for your butt, a knowledgeable personal trainer is less likely to recommend that you do it daily. When you do deadlifts daily, there is a risk of you suffering burnout in the end.


On the same note, performing deadlifts daily to get stronger isn’t also really necessary. Perhaps you may only want to do it daily if you love the exercise, but your PT will be less optimistic about you performing the deadlifts daily.

10 Benefits of Deadlifting

Deadlifting is a highly effective exercise. Nonetheless, you will need the help of a certified personal trainer to get the best from this exercise.

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